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China Matters

Over on China Matters, Jason just completed his initial 27-part PBS-like Series on the hazards of China Sourcing – which is certainly to be followed by the 27-Part PBS-like Series on the benefits of sourcing in the new China – but in the interim, I’d highly recommend you take this opportunity to catch up if you’ve missed any!

From hot-crossed Beijing Buns to the Turning-Aside of Thomas to the Perils Posed to Paris’ Poodle, this series has it all. Explore the controversy and get the full perspective in a series that even has a little hex-in it. And when the future ain’t what it used to be, why not dive in to the one place that knows you got ‘VAT!

So, in its bloggin’ brilliance, here is the 27 part PBS-like series on the Hazards of China Sourcing:

Wiki Wonderland

Routers ping
are you listening
in the pane
text is glistening
A beautiful sight
awaits you tonight
browsing in the wiki wonderland

Gone away is the bluebird
here to stay is a new bird
He sings web 2-0
and along we go
browsing in the wiki wonderland

In the browser we can write an essay
Then observe that it is there for all
It’ll spread the word around
the web today
to be seen by those in
Canada and Nepal

Later on
we’ll conspire
as text flows through the wire
to consolidate
in the central place
offered by the wiki wonderland

In the browser we can record our creeds
and then observe them snowball on their own;
And collaborate with other plebes
where great works are not created on their own

When it grows
ain’t it thrilling
As your words get first billing
We’ll write and play
the web 2-0 way
browsing in the wiki wonderland

browsing in the wiki wonderland
browsing in the wiki wonderland

The e-Sourcing Wiki is gaining momentum. As of last week, it has grown from a couple of open white-papers on strategic sourcing best practices and on-demand software as-a service to a considerable resource for sourcing professionals with 20 wiki-papers on sourcing best practices, sourcing technology, sourcing methodologies, and global trade with 8 more in the queue; a number of third party papers by leading consulting firms such as Archstone Consulting and Aptium Global; and cached best-of blog posts from a number of leading blogs (including e-Sourcing Forum, Spend Matters, and Sourcing Innovation). It’s definitely worth spending some time on. There’s already a thick book worth of great information on the site, which is free to anyone who wants to take advantage of it, with (much) more to come!