Daily Archives: February 17, 2008

Don’t Forget About the (Sourcing Innovation) Resource Site!

That’s right! the doctor also maintains a resource site (indexed as the first link on the right-hand sidebar) which, as far as he can tell, has more blogs, publications, societies, companies, and events indexed than any other site in the space! For example, there are currently over 100 events indexed for 2008 (yes, you read that right, over 100 events for 2008) – which is at least twice the number of events listed on the largest event calendar for the sourcing and procurement space that the doctor was able to find.

If you have never checked it out, or haven’t checked it out recently, the doctor strongly encourages you to do so. It’s nothing fancy, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s designed to be a starting point that you can use to find out what publications, societies, events, and other resources are out there to help you on your quest to become a better sourcer, or, if you will, sourcerer of your trade!

Also, the doctor asks that if you work at a supply chain company not on the list, are a member of a relevant supply chain organization not on the list, know of any open conferences or forums not on the list*, or are aware of any new publications that are relevant to the profession that are not on the list, that you send them along to him at the doctor <at> sourcinginnovation <dot> com so that he can add them during the next site update, as this will make the resource site better for everyone. (Regular updates take place every week to two weeks, so please allow time for your contributions to appear before resending them.)

In addition, if you could be sure to include the following information with each future site addition, it will greatly reduce the effort required and help get your contribution posted in a timely manner:

Contribution Type Information Requirements
Blog Name
Primary Focus
Company or Analyst Firm Name
Website URL
Brief Description
Event Date
Sponsor URL(s)
Job Site Name
Publication or Journal Name
Society Name
Vendor Library Vendor Name
Library URL

To Your Future!

* Please limit contributions to conferences and forums, and not seminars, workshops, or training classes. the doctor is not implying that they’re not important, but as there are far too many seminars, workshops, and training classes offered by hundreds of consulting and training firms to index in a meaningful fashion on the current resource site, the doctor is sticking with conferences and forums for now. (Note that annual vendor user conferences are okay.) Thank you.