Playboy Goes Offshore … Is The American Lifestyle Going to Follow?

Shortly after I encountered that appalling article telling us we should outsource thinking until all we’re left with is white trash auctioning their junk at the bargain barn, I found this article on Global Services on how Playboy [is] to Rely on Outsourcing.

According to the article, Playboy has outsourced production of its monthly magazine and struck a deal to outsource its Asia operations to IMG Licensing Worldwide and expects that outsourcing will trim the Chicago company’s staff by 50% this year. Europe is next. Afterwards, the only cost saving will be lavish parties and the lifestyle Hugh Hefner is famous for … which has been part of the American dream since he launched Playboy back in 1953. Is the end of an era near at hand?

And if it is, what will replace the iconic bunny?