An Open Invitation to SCMR Contributors and Bloggers

I’m going to miss the Supply Chain Management Review. Ever since Doug Smock left Purchasing, I’ve regarded it as the best publication in the space. It’s delivered solid content month after month and year after year. While I’ll be the first to admit that there were probably too many publications competing in what is still a small space, and that Reed probably owned more than it could make profitable, it’s unfortunate that it chose to shut them all down when it might have been more logical to shut all but one down and see if a more streamlined operation could be profitable.

But what’s done is done. However, there’s no reason that the voices who made SCMR great have to be silenced. I’m sure many are already looking for new channels and venues to get their message out. And while some have already found a new home — including Robert A. Rudzki, (former) author of the SCMR Transformation Leadership Blog and (co-)author of Straight to the Bottom Line and Beat the Odds, who will become a regular contributor here on Sourcing Innovation starting in June, I know that, unfortunately, some have not.

And since I don’t want their voices silenced, even for a short time, I’m extending the following offer to all of the former writers and bloggers of the Supply Chain Management Review:

If you regularly wrote for, or submitted content to, the SCMR, you are more than welcome to submit guest posts to Sourcing Innovation while you search for your new home. And if you had a blog on SCMR, you are free to become a regular contributor to Sourcing Innovation for as long as you like. Like the SCMR, Sourcing Innovation is all about great content and reader education. I’d be thrilled to have you!