There’s More To Risk Than Natural Disasters

As per this recent article in Industry Week on how manufacturers must brace for global uncertainty and risk, the following, entirely predictable, events can be just as devastating to an organization’s supply chain if not planned for.

  • Rapid Growth
    What if sales double overnight? Can the supply chain keep up?
  • Facility Expansion / Opening
    Can the organization ramp up supply, staff, and logistics fast enough to maintain productivity levels?
  • Massive Churn in Product Offerings
    If the organization has to continually offer new versions of products, or rapidly expand its product offerings, can the supply chain adapt quickly enough?
  • New Customers that Account for Double-Digit Percentage Volume
    Can the supply chain keep up? Can it provide any new services that will be required at the agreed upon service levels?
  • Substantial Changes in the Supplier Base
    If current suppliers go out of business, can new suppliers be incorporated into the supply chain fast enough? Will new suppliers be able to meet demand? If new suppliers enter the space, will the organization be able to identify them and take advantage of new technologies they offer?
  • New IT Systems
    A failed IT implementation can bring down a multi-billion dollar company. A poor IT implementation can cost millions and stop production in its tracks. It’s rare occurence when an IT system upgrade doesn’t result in at least some downtime. IT system implementations and upgrades need to be planned for carefully.

So, if your Supply Management organization is not yet thinking about risk on a daily basis, maybe it should be.