Only 20 Days until the US Election.

If you are an American Citizen anywhere on the planet (or off of the planet, able to see this post in time, and able to cast a ballot off-world), then

1) Please Make Sure You are Registered to Vote
— And —
2) PLEASE VOTE! (And vote now if you are decided and are able to.)

The official election day may be 20 days away, but with many states offering mail-in / early voting, you may be able to vote now!

To find out when and how you can vote in your state, or as an absentee of your state, you can visit sites like
Better Know a Ballot or Get Your Booty to the Poll!

And if you haven’t registered yet, remember you can Register to Vote Online and you can confirm the answer to the question Am I Registered to Vote at (in partnership with Global Citizen).

There’s no excuse not to vote. Thanks to the pandemic, there’s not much else you can do anyway.

So, please, Vote and bring Hope back.

(Or, if you so choose, vote against hope. Voting is your right despite what some of your leaders might have you believe. But just remember, Sourcing Innovation, along with many other future possibilities, will not return until hope does.)