HICX: HI-C to the X for SXM

HICX Solutions, a provider of a leading Supplier Management platform, was founded in London in 2004 to create a platform to effectively tackle supplier master data management and supplier risk management. Recognizing that the Supplier Information Management (SIM) platforms of the day were not enough to effectively manage suppliers — especially since the data was […]

HICX Solutions Wants To Buy You A Shiny New Pair of Shoes! Part I

Last week we asked if SIM was old news or a shiny new pair of shoes. We noted that SIM (Supplier Information Management) was a mature and stable technology with a large number of solution providers not only providing the tools and best practices to manage supplier life-cycles, but to manage risk, compliance, receivables and […]

Source-to-Pay+ is Extensive (P20) … And Supplier Management Very Extensive … So Here Are Over 100 Supplier Management Companies to Check Out!

And now the post you’ve all been waiting for! A partial, starting, list of over 100 supplier management companies that may (or may not) meet some, or many, of the core baseline capabilities we outlined in the last four parts of this series (Part 16, Part 17, Part 18 and Part 19) as we discussed […]