Supply Chain Merger and Acquisition

In AMR’s M&A: Designing the Supply Chain Response, AMR presented a checklist on where to get started as an M&A approaches, with questions to jump start the process. The checklist can be summarized as follows: Before it happens, identify synergies. Carefully analyze opportunity against risk. Build capabilities. Design the supply response. While a good article, […]

What Should Drive PE Investment?

The M&A frenzy cycle that we have been discussing on and off for the past year hasn’t really died down, and this has spurred the PE cycle where PE (Private Equity) firms, wanting to capitalize on the frenzy around the Procurement space, are buying (majority investments in) vendors (that appear) ripe for a turn-around or […]

M&A Has Been Mad. Platforms Will Disappear. But There Will Be More Than One. But Who?

We’ve been writing a lot about M&A lately, including, but not limited to, our pieces on: All Aboard the M&A Train The Mania Ain’t Over Yet … But … M&A: And the Mania Continues … What Should Drive M&A … and Surviving a M&A: The Customer Perspective because M&A is still going strong. (And, as […]