Platform? Bah Humbug!

Earlier this week, the medic pointed out that Jaggaer is taking the contrarian approach and almost scoffing at the idea of an integrated, unified, code base and instead pointing out that its customers want problem fixes and business solutions, and integration isn’t a concern. And to an extent, they have a point. Not everything has […]

Are BoB’s Days Numbered?

Today Jaggaer, formerly SciQuest, announced their merger with Pool4Tool, the world leader in direct (materials) sourcing (procurement) with the most extensive direct procurement suite and one of the largest manufacturer client bases in the Supply Management world. Hot on the heels of Coupa’s recent acquisitions of Spend 360 and Trade Extensions, Jaggaer appears to have […]

Coupa Enters into a Share Purchase Agreement for Majority Ownership of Trade Extensions

SI typically does not do analyze of acquisitions and, unlike it’s brethren, does not do public analysis of transactions until the deal is done because it ain’t over until the fat lady sings, or in silicon valley, it ain’t over until the money hits the bank. And even though the chances of this deal not […]

Is UNSPSC Really the Best Route? 3 Reasons ‘For’ …

Today’s guest post is from Brian Seipel, Spend Analysis lead at¬†Source One Management Services¬†focused on helping corporations gain a clear view of their spend data to derive actionable budget optimization strategies. A common question many organizations have when delving into a spend analysis project is, “which classification taxonomy should I be using?” There are plenty […]