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We solve YOUR problems.

ToP KaTS’ specializes in customized technology solutions for your business. From system analysis through systems integration, we can help you automate, reform, and, if you desire, revolutionize your business. With our expertise in modeling, optimization, and supply chain processes, we’re sure to find the right solution for you that will streamline your processes, improve your productivity, and increase your bottom line.

Sourcing Innovation is a wholly owned service of ToP KaTS Consulting.

Supply Chain Sorrows?

Too many bids? Logistic nightmares? Inventory out of whack? Production behind schedule? Profits falling? Maybe we have the answer.

ToP KaTS has experience in the design, implementation, adaptation, and use of supply chain systems from sourcing through execution to product delivery. Check out the six thousand plus articles on the Sourcing Innovation Blog for resources to help you with your strategic sourcing and supply chain management needs.

Optimization Needs?

No problem is too simple or too complex for us! Sourcing, production, routing, network analysis, profit optimization – bring it on! We’ll model it, solve it, and present you with a full range of options.

ToP KaTS has expertise in the development and implementation of models for the purposes of optimizing schedules, processes, and resource allocation, regardless of the application domain. From sourcing decisions to profit optimization, from inventory planning to logistics support, and from network routing to layout planning, ToP KaTS can help you understand, model, and optimally solve your problem.

ToP KaTS has expertise in the design and implementation of linear, mixed integer, quadratic, non-linear, and constraint-based programming models. In addition, ToP KaTS has experience with a number of research and commercial software packages in each of these domains and can help you select the appropriate domain and solver for your needs.

Data-Based Migraines?

Are your data management needs outgrowing the capabilities of your current system? Are your employees having trouble getting the data they need when and where they need it? Do you need to web-enable your intranet solutions? We can help!

Do you have large databases, data marts, or datawarehouses that need managing? Has your data management needs progressed beyond a local Access database into the realm of corporate computing? Do you need someone to design and implement a relational database mananement system such as SQL Server, DB2, or Oracle? Whatever your data management needs, ToP KaTS can help.

Design and Development Challenges?

ToP KaTS has significant experience in the design and development of customized software solutions to meet your business needs. Whether your need is for an intranet-based data management solution or an internet-based customer service solution, a proprietary records system or a public domain development library, a small business solution or an enterprise solution, ToP KaTS can design, build, and deliver it for you.

ToP KaTS has particular expertise in the design and development of software systems for the supply chain. From strategic sourcing to profit-based retail planning, ToP KaTS can build a system to meet your needs. This includes solutions for product design, manufacturing and production planning, transportation and logistics planning, and on-line retailing. No project is too big or too small.

System Analysis Paralysis?

Do you already have a system in place that is no longer meeting your every need? If so, ToP KaTS can systematically assist you in developing a plan to update your system with respect to your current needs and implement that plan for you.


ToP KaTS was founded in 1999 with one goal – to provide knowledge-based solutions to our clients using the right tools at the right time. With ever shortening software release cycles and new software packages being released all the time, it is difficult to know which product is the right choice for your business. With our expertise in analysis, software design, data management, and supply chain – we can help you make those decisions.

ToP KaTS has a unique corporate culture — whereas most companies have employees, we have associates. Our highly skilled associates, many of whom retain associations with other companies, work with us on contract and project bases on particular research efforts and projects that excite and drive them. This allows us to build unified teams who are excited about and focussed on what they are doing – ensuring great results every time!

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As a rule, ToP KaTS Consulting Inc. (henceforth referred to as ToP KaTS) does not collect, store, or process personal information beyond the personal contact information of individuals who are (potential) partner, client, and vendor representatives (i.e. individuals who represent organizations with which ToP KaTS conducts business, has [jointly] investigated conducting business with, or is considering conducting business with). In other words, personally identifiable data gathered and maintained in the normal course of business. Also, ToP KaTS does not sell, give, or otherwise disseminate this personal information outside of necessity dictated by the normal course of business.

This means that if you are just a visitor to the ToP KaTS Website, because we value an individual’s right to privacy, we do not collect any personally identifiable information related to you. You can stop reading here.

If you are a partner/vendor/client representative, ToP KaTS will maintain the extent of personal data that is required to conduct (and validate) business until all of the following are satisfied:

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As a legal entity, ToP KaTS is required to maintain certain information, personal or otherwise, for minimum contractual and/or statutory retention periods for legal and/or tax purposes.

Once ToP KaTS is no longer required to maintain any personally identifiable information on you, the data will be:

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