Yes, Jon. Some Analyst Firms Do Stink!

Last Saturday, Jon The Revelator penned a piece on how Going “off-map” is the key to finding the best solution providers, which he correctly said was critical because Gartner reports that 85% of all AI and ML projects fail to produce a return for the business. As per a Forbes article, the reasons often cited […]

Dear Fellow Analysts: It’s Time to Step Up And Deal with the PROCUREMENT STINK!

Because if we don’t, no one else will! What am I talking about? As per last Wednesday’s article, PROCUREMENT STINKS and we just can’t deny it anymore. In a nutshell, and this is just the tip of the garbage heap: Case studies are ranker than expired fish in a microwave on high. Approximately 85% of […]

Does it Matter if Analysts Firms Aren’t Entirely Pay-to-Play if the Procurement space thinks they are?

As expected, the doctor‘s question on whether Traditional Analyst and Consulting Models Outdated and/or Unethical? on LinkedIn has led to some debate. Most notably, Duncan Jones indicated that he’s pretty sure [the dozens of smaller vendors] are mistaken when they told the doctor they won’t get covered (and sometimes not even given the opportunity to […]

Firms that Rely on Logo Maps and Analyst 2*2s for Tech Selection are NOT Appropriate for Tech Selection!

In our last article, where we described in detail the many, many reasons why logo maps (including the Sourcing Innovation Mega Map on Source to Pay+ with 666 Unique Clickable Vendor Logos which were verified to be valid as of 2024 April 13), we not only reiterated how these maps are mostly useless but explained […]