the doctor Does Not Believe In Self-Nomination

Supply & Demand Chain Executive is at it again – collecting nominations for their 2008 Pros To Know. According to the article, you can go to the nomination form and either nominate yourself or another candidate for consideration as a 2008 Pro to Know.

There are a few individuals the doctor would like to nominate, but it seems the form is only set up for individuals to nominate themselves. According to the first page, you must either be “a Supply Chain Executive working at a manufacturing or supporting organization” or “an executive working for a Supply Chain Solution or Service Provider, Software Company, Consultancy, or Research Advisory Firm“. Now, one might assume that they just forgot the “or I am nominating a” clause, but if you go to the next page, it only has six fields: “Nominee Name”, “Nominee Title”, “Nominee Company”, “Nominee Representative”, “Representative Phone”, and “Representative e-Mail”. There are no fields for nominator.

I’m starting to wonder how relevant such a list is. How do we know that it is nothing more than an arbitrary selection of individuals who take the time to nominate themselves. It would explain why in any given year only some of the individuals I think deserve to be honored make the list. (After all, the alternative would be that the doctor is not always right.) It would be nice if this was the year S&DC Executive raised the bar and only considered individuals who received at least one third party nomination. What do you think?