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Quarantine Days

Sunday, Monday, Quarantine
Tuesday, Wednesday, Quarantine
Thursday, Friday Quarantine
Saturday and Sunday
Another Quarantine Day

These days were ours
But they’re gone now
These days were ours
They’re all gone now

No more sunshine, and no more rain
It’s just LEDs lighting up my brain
Zoom’s my steady, I use my cam
We’re all in hiding and on the lam

No more cruising round the town
Choices are stand up or sit down
My sanity’s come to an end

Quarantine Days are yours and mine (Quarantine Days)
Quarantine Days are yours and mine (Quarantine Days)
Quarantine Days are yours and mine, Quarantine Days

Don’t Eat Bats! Period!

I really shouldn’t have to post this.  I know Chick-fil-A is trying to make the best of a bad situation with its new slogan:


But if we continue to eat ANY bats whatsoever, we’re all gonna die! SARS-COV-3 will wipe us off the planet in an extinction level event! Bats are already carrying it for a reason — while other animals decided to develop smells, spikes, poisons, etc. to kill those who kill it as an evolutionary survival mechanism, bats have gone and taken it one step further and are harboring viruses that will kill us all. And the Chinese have known about this for over 15 years!  So please, don’t eat any bats!

Source: National Post