The Sourcing Innovation Open Pricing Model


Since most of the new generation of marketers in the space don’t get the value of brand visibility and the value of being associated with a leading, independent, authority who focuses on education and not marketing or propaganda, and

Since SI will not adopt the “sponsored post” model as SI does not believe in “pay-to-play“, and more importantly, will not risk selling out its principals for extra $$$’s (as it’s very hard to maintain relationships when a “sponsor” thinks they can push what they want when they pay — as Lead Consulting Analyst on Advanced Sourcing for Spend Matters, <i>the doctor</i> is aware of the agony Client Relations and Editorial goes through on a weekly basis enforcing Spend Matters’ editorial ethics and just doesn’t want that headache)

SI temporarily suspended sponsorships when the doctor was writing for Spend Matters Pro and the M&A mania erupted the space into chaos.  However, now that the doctor is no longer associated with Spend Matters, and the M&A mania has calmed down, the doctor may re-open sponsorships this year under the right set of conditions.

SI will keep intermittently publishing and keep addressing relevant issues in the interim, and in particular will cover those issues that are going unaddressed by the “leaders“, but SI will not keep up a daily schedule going forward (but will definitely continue to publish a few pieces each month).

FYI, if you are wondering what THE VALUE OF SI ASSOCIATION is:

Over 1/3 of all companies that have had a commercial relationship with SI since its inception have merged or been acquired and are now bigger, more successful entities

Over 2/3 of all companies that have sponsored SI have merged or been acquired and are now bigger, more successful entities

To the best of SI’s knowledge, NO OTHER INDEPENDENT PUBLICATION or Independent Analyst Entity HAD THIS SUCCESS RATE.

Consistent with SI’s goal of openness and knowledge sharing, SI’s sponsorship model is public.

Basic Sponsorship

Overview (A MAXIMUM OF 5 Slots Available in 2023!)

  • linked company logo on the topmost section of the right-hand sidebar
  • “Sponsor Welcome” post and up to one “interview”, “commentary”, or “subject of interest” post per quarter (where SI maintains final editorial oversight)
  • unlimited permission to reproduce blog posts, with citation and URL, during the sponsorship period (subject to the Sourcing Innovation copyright requirements and restrictions)
  • attendance, and blog coverage, of one sponsor event per year in North America or Western Europe (at sponsor’s expense) [minimum twleve month sponsorship]
  • assistance with up to two webcasts / per year [one per six months of continuous sponsorship] (max 60 minutes for the Xcasts)
  • one affiliate content link

Payment Options

  • one lump sum up front or
  • equal payments at the start of every quarter


The following pricing model is valid until June 30, 2023.

$3,000 / month (minimum 3 month commitment)
$2,700 / month with a 6 month commitment
$2,400 / month with a 12 month commitment

These rates are valid for the length of the initial contract period (up to twelve months). Sponsors get first right of refusal on continued sponsorship beyond their initial sponsorship period at the rates in effect 60 days before the end-date of their current sponsorship period and will then have 30 days to make a decision before the exclusive first right of refusal expires. The advertised rates will not change more than once per quarter, regardless of demand or change in site popularity.

You can e-mail thedoctor <at> sourcinginnovation <dot> com at any time to discuss sponsorship opportunities.