Where Can CPOs Congregate?

CPOs need to network with their peers. As Steven Deverill of Langley Search and Selection points out in this recent CPO Agenda article on being in with the in crowd, the CPO position can be quite isolated, and networking with other CPOs is a source of support and information. It enables them to keep connected, be grounded, and hear what other organisations are doing.

Networking is one of the best ways that CPOS have for gaining ideas, benchmarking information and performance of your supply base and your team too. As Deverill points out, you can benchmark source plans or best practice and utilise industry specific and expert knowledge from your suppliers so you can get better deals. But there really aren’t that many places CPOs can go and be among their peers. SI only knows of a few industry events / groups dedicated to CPOs. And they don’t meet often. Some only once a year.

Now, CPOs can try to fill in the gap with online networking, but, as the article points out, there’s no substitute for face to face. And, at least in SIs view, CPOs should be taking a day at least quarterly to meet with their peers and get a good grip on the state of the global marketplace. So what’s a CPO to do. Are there any local organizations that cater specifically to CPOs? Or do CPOs have to belong to multiple organizations so they can attend a subset of the events above, throughout the year, to meet with their peers. Any thoughts?