How Do You Build a High Performance Supply Management Organization?

A recent study by Dr. Andre de Waal of the HPO Center that involved more than 3,500 organizations across 60 countries confirmed what leaders already know:

  • Leadership
    In High Performance Supply Management organizations, leaders lead with exemplary behaviour, make decisions, adopt a results focus, act with integrity, and coach staff. They don’t micromanage and do the work of their staff.
  • Talent
    Leading organizations have top talent that is diverse, complementary, and able to work well together. The talent is also flexible and resilient and committed to making the organization successful.
  • Openness and Action Orientation
    Everyone is involved in important processes through shared dialogue, change (for the better) is encouraged, and actions are taken to improve performance.
  • Continuous Improvement and Innovation
    There is an eternal focus on improvement and innovation.
  • Long Term Focus
    Long term success take precedence over short term profit. Management and employees are in it for the long haul and act that way.