SIRI: Not Just for Radio Anymore

Over on the Purchasing Certification Blog, Charles’ just penned a great post on why your procurement resume needs to have more of these four words: Saved, Increased, Reduced, and Improved.

Charles’ is right when he notes that these are the result-oriented words that hiring managers and CPOs want to see, read, and hear. CPOs don’t want to hear what they already know you did. Every Procurement Pro manages, negotiates, analyzes, and contracts. They want to hear that when you managed, you improved efficiency. That when you negotiated, you saved big money. That when you analyzed, you reduced demand for indirect goods and services. And that when you contracted, you actually improved supplier relations.

If you’re looking for more tips on what you should be saving, increasing, reducing, and improving, check out this post from 2009 on how to get noticed and keep your sourcing or procurement job.