Facebook’s Next Target: Relationships!

Today’s guest post is from Anonymous.

Oh… my… God! Can you imagine? Facebook post rates fall from an average of 1.66 posts per day to a shocking 1.56 posts per day, at the point where a couple announces they are “in a relationship”. (Source: The Fascinating Anatomy of a Facebook Relationship)

Why? The happy couple is so entranced with their new status, and with their new life together, that they REDUCE their Facebook participation by an astounding 0.10 posts per day!

So what does this mean? Let’s assume that the average day contains about 3 hours of leisure time. We assume, of course, that 1.56/1.66 of it is still devoted to Facebook (like the Facebook data scientists). Therefore 0.1/1.66 of it is spent on your basic brick-and-mortar relationship stuff, or, hmm, let’s see…. (grabs calculator) … 10.8 minutes!

And, not surprisingly, this time correlates quite well with the average time intercourse lasts. (Source: Thank You, Doctors: The Average Sex Time Is Not as Long as You’d Think)

Those nasty Facebook data scientists!

Thank you, Anonymous!