Sourcing Innovation Brings You The Best From the Best

Starting next week, Sourcing Innovation will be running a special series on “Sourcing Tomorrow: The e-Leaders Speak” that will feature pieces from the visionaries behind many of the top e-Sourcing and e-Procurement vendors. So far, a dozen leaders of a dozen leading e-Sourcing and e-Procurement vendors have agreed to put their thoughts to paper on what technologies and strategies you can use to climb out of the recession and ride the leading edge of the wave to recovery. Up first will be Iasta (David Bush), Vinimaya (Gary Hare), Enporion (George Gordon), Trade Extensions (Garry Mansell and Chetan Raniga), and SafeSourcing (Ron Southard). Aravo (Kevin Cornish), Coupa (Dave Stephens and Jason Hekl), and Ketera (Chris Newton), and possibly a few others, have also agreed to participate.

But Sourcing Innovation isn’t going to stop there! After that, Sourcing Innovation will be bringing you “Sourcing Tomorrow: The Service Leaders Speak” where the likes of Jim Wetekamp (of Bravo Solution), Bart Richards (of The Claro Group), Bob Rudzki (of Greybeard Advisors), Mark Usher (of Treya Partners), and William Dorn (of Source One Management Services), among others, will be bringing you their thoughts on how service and solution providers can help you climb out of the recession and ride the wave to profitability faster than your competition.

And Sourcing Innovation isn’t going to stop there either! When the second series is complete, Sourcing Innovation is going to invite selected bloggers to respond to the first two series and the changing markets with their thoughts.

But that’s not all! Sourcing Innovation also plans to run a couple of very special series this fall. First up will be an 8+ part series on Overcoming Cultural Differences in International Trade, partially based on the work of our resident expert on international trade, Dick Locke. This series, which will be edited by none other than Dick Locke himself, will address some key issues in International Purchasing and how they materialize in your global sourcing endeavours.

As promised in Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, Sourcing Innovation will also run a multi-part series that dives into the recent CAPS Research focus study on the role of optimization in strategic sourcing. Taking it piece by piece, I will address the points that need to be highlighted, the points that need to be addressed (but weren’t), and the points that were a bit misleading and make sure that, once you have digested the report and this special series, you have the best understanding of today’s strategic sourcing decision optimization technology that you can have.

I’ll also be reviewing some of the new releases by those vendors that decided to keep their heads above the sands and innovate through the downturn (and maybe I’ll even coerce the Sourcing Maniacs out of hiding).

And that’s just the beginning. Stay tuned!