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SI Will Return July 9th

Being one of the oldest blogs in the space, SI knows that last Friday in June through 2nd Monday in July is vacation season.

So, this year SI is taking a break until July 9th so you don’t have to fret about missing posts.  Enjoy the vacation the majority of you take around this time.

Sourcing Innovation is Proud to be part of a “Special Place in Hell”

No one wins a trade war.

Progress stagnates when borders close.

Freedom is jeopardized when dictators are praised.

Human Rights suffer when power is abused.

… and the world goes to hell.

So, if the world is going to hell, Sourcing Innovation is proud to be part of that “special place” where fairness is sought, openness is an ideal, multi-party cooperation is a way of life, and human rights are always upheld as the Charter of Rights and Freedoms trumps any law or power.

Sourcing Innovation is 100% GDPR Compliant!

How do we do it? No personal data!

That’s right, as of today (May 25, 2018), we have no personal data!*

But you’re a blog, don’t you have subscription lists?


Sourcing Innovation turned subscriptions off three (3) months ago and deleted any and all lists it had to allow sufficient time for all the regular backups at my host to overwrite all the old backups to make sure that even backups at the host didn’t have any personal data.

But doesn’t that hurt your traffic?


1) If people get the posts, they don’t come to the blog.
(And it’s traffic stats that matter, right? At least that’s what marketers tell me since I would never, ever send anything to my lists on anyone’s behalf, not even paying clients of ToP KaTS!)

2) Subscriptions accounted for, like, at most 1% of traffic anyway (with generous rounding).
(Most people these days that don’t directly come to the blog come in through LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google. Bulk email gets relegated to spam or deleted by most mail clients [and sometimes mail servers] anyway. Even the few people who wanted the posts in their inbox often told me in the past they didn’t get the posts when I could check the logs and see they were sent out.)

But what if I want to subscribe?

Fear not! Subscriptions will be re-opened in the (near) future!

Yesterday, my host implemented the new version of WordPress that came with WordPress’ new GDPR Privacy and Security policies and the new WordPress tools to help remove, and ensure removal of, private user data on user request.

My host’s new GDPR privacy and security policy goes into effect today.

As soon as:

1) I can test and confirm that you can easily opt out when you want to opt out and your data goes bye-bye if you do opt-out and

2) I am sure that my host’s systems and procedures have been updated in line with their policies to ensure 100% compliance across all their clients (which includes backup erasures / overwrites on request to ensure expunging of personal data),

subscriptions will be cued to reopen!

In the mean time, keep doing what the 99%+ do — blog, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google.

The Fail Whale rarely makes an appearance these days, so you can always start with Twitter!

* This statement is valid only until such time as subscriptions re-open. At that point in time, SI may begin to collect personal data subject to our Privacy/PIPEDA/GDPR policy, so please bear this in mind if accessing this post after May 25, 2018.

The Hidden Value of SI Association

What’s the value of SI Sponsorship? Quite a lot — you can contact the doctor <at> sourcinginnovation <dot> com to find out more, but here are two interesting statistics that SI has not advertised until now:

1/3 of all companies that have had a commercial relationship with SI have merged or been acquired and are now bigger, more successful entities

2/3 of all companies that have sponsored SI have merged or been acquired and are now bigger, more successful entities

In other words, companies associated with SI have become so successful, they become very attractive to not only customers, but peers and PE firms! They have options!

To the best of SI’s knowledge, NO OTHER INDEPENDENT PUBLICATION or Independent Analyst Entity has had this success rate.

Can SI take all the credit?  Probably not, but the doctor is quite confident that the implied correlation is this — if you are visionary enough to focus on building your market (and work with SI to achieve that), instead of just trying to steal your competitor’s customers, you’re probably going to succeed.  And SI is one of the partners that is going to help you … greatly.

(And if you’re too big to merge or be acquired, don’t worry!  SI can still help you create new markets for your products.  And then you too can be happy.)

Top Posts of 2016! An Analysis.

Procurement Leaders are Getting Deeper Into Sourcing Strategy

Consider that the 8th and 7th most visited posts are on aligning procurement strategies to business goals. Not only are leading Procurement organizations adopting deeper sourcing strategies, but they are looking to better align those strategies with business goals to extract not just savings, but value. The leaders are realizing, with inflation coming back, the days of savings in a mature Procurement organization are numbered.

Moreover, the fact that the 9th most visited post is on the direct procurement challenge, this indicates that not only are Procurement leaders looking for value, but they are beginning to realize that in order to capture that value, direct procurement has to be done correctly and requires more depth than just a simple auction for office supplies.

Then we have the 4th most visited post being part of the series on how Trade Extensions is redefining sourcing — again indicating that leaders want to do better.

Analytics is Taking Center Stage

The fact that the 6th and 3rd most visited posts of the year are deep dives into not only modern analytic technology, but modern analytic technology that is beginning to apply machine learning in adaptive and useful ways, means that many organizations are not only realizing that they not only need good analytics, but good analytics support.

Supply Chain Finance is On Leader’s Minds

The 2nd most visited post is our post on how the death of factoring will be highly exaggerated. Even though this isn’t really supply chain finance, it’s sold as supply chain finance, and companies that are still relying on it (and trying to figure out how to advance) want to understand what it is, where they are, and how long they have to advance.

Training is Still an Issue …

… even if the budget’s haven’t been restored. The 10th most visited post is on training a procurement team. Leaders recognize that their talent has to be trained to get top results, but with limited budget, they are starting to think about holistic team training vs. individual training.

But Technology is pushing to the forefront.

The 5th most visited post of the year is our rant on how driverless delivery is nothing more than a tantalizing theft target (and how over-investing in automation is not always going to save you money). And the foremost visited post of the year, part of our procurement sustentation series, is our post on IP and Patents. People want to understand technology, the protections around it, and how to tread the issue.