If You Want to Survive as a Manufacturer, Just Get Efficient

Industry Week recently ran a lengthy article on how the manufacturer’s world has changed forever which purported to provide advice on how manufacturers could learn from other’s successes and mistakes and gain a greater share of customer preference, the key to success in today’s everyone-is-an-expert marketplace.

The article had seven tips, which were good, but generic and just as applicable to retailers and distributors as they are to manufacturers. The reality is that the key to success for a manufacturer is efficiency. An efficient manufacturer has a high rate of production, produces minimal waste, maintains high quality, and is very cost efficient — to the point where its total cost per unit is lower than that of its competitor. That’s the ultimate key to survival in this economy — being more competitive than your competitors.

Thinking like today’s buyer is for the designer.

Getting rid of the dead wood is implied.

Anticipating change is a fact of life.

Determination is a timeless key to success.

Urgency is the normal state of affairs today.

Inspiration is the sign of every true leader.

Alignment is the first step to getting efficient, but …

until a manufacturer is efficient, it’s chances of survival are slim. So just get efficient.

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