Listen to BrainNet – Invest your Avoidance Savings to Keep Costs Down

In the recent CPO Executive debate on public sector spend and savings measurement, transcribed in Cuts from the Centre and previously referenced in our post on how your Organizational Data is Organizational Data — NOT Department Data, Fredrik Henzler, Partner and MD, of BrainNet, made a great point — while there is no incentive for a provider to offer the same product or service at a 10% discount if they can continue to get what you are paying now, if you offer to split the savings and let the provider invest a portion of the savings in long-term operational and infrastructure improvements, then there is incentive. If the provider can reduce the cost of their product or service, then they have money to invest in new technologies to further improve efficiency and reduce cost, which will keep the provider competitive as time goes on.

Furthermore, if you don’t get greedy and allow your provider to keep a larger margin if, and only if, they invest in operational improvements, then you know that costs will continue to drop over time and you have likely bought yourself years of cost “savings” and will be able to acquire new products and services at a lower price point than your competitors. Not only is it a win-win, but it incentivizes your providers to reach new heights of efficiency and effectiveness. So invest your savings, and just like money deposited in a high-yield savings account, watch your savings grow over time.