Daily Archives: August 8, 2011

Remember the Dangers of Centralized Buying

In an effort to combat the inflation across the board, I’m hearing a number of consulting firms emphasize the need to leverage your spend across the board, which is good advice. However, I’m worried about how some firms might be interpreting this advice. I’m getting signs that some firms, not yet as advanced in Supply Management as they need to be, are interpreting this as a need to “centralize”. While this has been the common historical response when a firm needs to obtain spend leverage and Supply Management for the categories in question are decentralized, it’s usually the wrong one. What needs to happen is the firm needs to move from decentralized buying straight to center-led buying and skip the centralization step and the growing pains that will result.

When you centralize, you lose:

  • local opportunities
    while a national temp labor agency can offer you better rates across the board, sometimes a local agency that is 10% more is actually 40% cheaper because you don’t have any travel expenses for local resources
  • local knowledge
    and sometimes a local buyer has a better understanding of the ups and down of commodity or service pricing in a region than a buyer on the other side of the globe and knows that she can spot buy a better price 80% of the time
  • (some) control over supplier performance
    as a centralized buy will typically be with one or two international suppliers who will not only have a lot more weight and leverage, but distributed production; in comparison, if buys are more local, they are typically with smaller suppliers where the buyer has the dominant position in the relationship and more control over quality and the production schedule

In addition, when you centralize, you can pave the way for organizational conflict as a result of:

  • the divergence of subunit goals
  • conflicts of preference between the central units and remote units
  • the lack of subunit inclusion
  • higher costs of certain purchases on the corporate contract as compared with local costs from a local supplier

However, a center-led purchasing organization will work with each subunit to insure that the best buy is made every time. Sometimes that will be through amalgamation of volume to obtain leverage through a larger contract with an international supplier (where costs are high) and sometimes it will be through the provision of best practices to each unit, which will secure the best rates in their region. You only get leverage where it exists to be found.

One Hundred Years Ago Today

The Patent Frenzy began when Francis Holton filed the millionth patent in the United States Patent Office for a tubeless vehicle tire. From 1790 (when the first patent was filed on July 31) to 1911, only one million patents were filed. In the last hundred years, almost fourteen million patents were filed, with over four million in the last ten years alone. Crazy! No wonder the software patent pirates [still] plunder away!

I wish they would follow Napolean Bonaparte’s example and retreat to the South Atlantic to live in Exile. Saint Helena still exists and I certainly won’t stop them from recreating the voyage Napolean embarked on 196 years ago today!