Looking for Something to Read this Weekend? Download Chris LaVictoire Mahai’s ROAR for FREE today only!

Chris LaVictoire Mahai, managing partner at AVEUS, a global strategy and operational change (consulting) firm (on LinkedIn), has made the e-book / Kindle version of his new book ROAR available for FREE on Amazon (at this link) TODAY (and Monday through Wednesday of next week) for anyone who wants it.

The book, which uses the animal kingdom as a metaphor for building peak performance, and includes interviews with several executives to explore what drives peak performance, was written in an effort to help companies adopt a systematic approach to strengthening their performance chain. A good performance chain must be fast, flexible, predictable, and leverageable — and simultaneously balancing these requirements to achieve better customer outcomes can be tricky. As Chris implies, it’s like trying to combine the best qualities of the cheetah, elephant, coyote, and ant into one animal. (The Greeks found it difficult to combine the Lion, Goat, and Snake into a Chimera. So imagine the challenge we’re faced with!)

the doctor hasn’t made it through the whole book let, but the lessons learned summarized in the 4-Lens Profile are good ones:

  • speed at any cost becomes a negative
  • predictability delivered too late or for something that has lost market appeal is of little value
  • flexibility that extends every process, decision, or outcome is more harmful than helpful
  • leverage of every resource to the nth degree will deteriorate performance and increase risk

So, anything you can take away from Rashida Cheetah, Oralee Elephant, Ace Coyote, or Rickie Ant, or, better yet, the many executives that Mr. Mahai interviewed, is definitely worth your time.