Daily Archives: June 9, 2012

One Million, Nine Hundred Thousand, Six Hundred and Sixteen

One Million, Nine Hundred Thousand, Six Hundred and Sixteen words later (including the words in this post), or Three Thousand Two Hundred, and Fifty Five posts later (which does not count well over a hundred guest posts on other blogs) and Sourcing Innovation (SI) officially turns six. Although still not an extraordinarily long time in net-time, it is exceptionally significant in blog-time when the majority (in the 60% to 80% range) of blogs are abandoned within a month and a study of the top one hundred blogs in Technorati a few years back found the average life of an active blog less than three years!

Growth has continued, and as per last week’s post, SI is trending well above 125,000 visits a month, and the current trend indicates that SI is quickly closing on the 2,000,000 visits a year mark. (the doctor fibbed a little in last Sunday’s post when he said the graph was indicative of an average week. An average week actually has a few spikes in it these days, which pushes traffic close to, or over, 40,000 visits a week on average, as in the graph below.) And its reach on the search engines, and Google in particular, is still outstanding with almost 22% of visits coming from Google alone! (This means that traffic will continue to grow year over year. Why? The best SEO you can get is original content — and at almost 2 Million Words, SI is some of the best content there is!)

So stick around. SI is 24/7/365 and the best there is at Xemplification. Your Supply Chain will thank you. After all, it won’t be long before SI is legendary in the blog space!

60,162 visits in a week