UPS Knows that Halifax Gets it There!

UPS, with a delivery fleet of 2,500 vehicles in Canada, just opened a multi-million, fifty-thousand (50,000) square foot logistics facility in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada because the area is considered to be a key access point to other major supply chain networks both locally and globally. And as SI pointed out in its recent post on how The Looming Strike Might Cost Billions – But You Don’t Have To Lose a Dime, sitting on the second largest natural harbour in the world, the Port of Halifax can expand to a capacity equal to that of the Port of New York and New Jersey combined.

Two days closer to Europe, a day and a half closer to southeast Asia through the Suez Canal, and only three days to get cargo to Chicago by rail, Halifax is posed to be a key access point in the global supply chain, just as it was once a key player in the global telecommunications marketplace. It was only 110 years ago that the first radio message crossed the Atlantic, originating from Glace Bay, Nova Scotia and terminating in Poldhu, England (South Cornwall) in December 1902.

UPS knows that Halifax is important to your global supply chain. Do you?