Conversant Coupa – Communicating Cybernetically

Well, almost.

This Wednesday, Coupa takes its One Vision tour online and brings the best of its One Vision tour to those of you who were unable to make it to one of the live events. In this series, which will consist of at least seven webinars between now and the end of January, Coupa will bring you insights on

  • The Vision and Reality
  • Building Your Business Case
  • Technology, Transformation, & Procurement
  • Financial Services
  • e-Invoicing
  • Amplifying Procurement with Managed Travel
  • Modern Procurement

This should shape up to be a good webinar series. the doctor was at the Toronto stop and the presentations were quite informative, especially the presentations on building your business case and the future of procurement. In addition, assuming they don’t leave out the talent, the talk on technology and transformation should be invigorating as Supply Management is all about the 3 Ts — talent, technology, and transition from where the organization is today to where it needs to be in a transformation journey.

The only thing missing from the agenda so far is a few of their customer presentations. One of the unique aspects of the One Vision World Tour is that every stop had a customer presentation, and Coupa encouraged their customers to talk about anything they wanted to share and the attendees to ask any questions that were on their mind. This is the best insight into a solution, and a solution provider, a prospective customer can get.

If you are on the market for an e-Procurement solution, or just looking to get a better understanding of what an e-Procurement solution can do, check out the One Vision webinar series.

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