Basware: P2P for the Global “E”

Basware is one of the largest players in the global procurement arena. Founded in 1985 in Espoo, Finland (as Baltic Accounting Systems) to deliver enterprise finance software solutions, the company (which is now public and traded on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd. as BAS1V) has grown from a small country player to a global platform with over 2,000 international P2P customers that collectively do business with almost 1 Million companies in over 100 countries. Basware supports its global customer base through its operational footprint that spans over 50 countries on 6 continents and includes over 100 partners and resellers.

It’s solutions span the entire P2P (purchase to pay) process, from requisition through payment and post-transaction analysis and includes the Basware Commerce Network that enables over 425 Billion of e-commerce annually. The network currently lists 1.9 Million suppliers and processes over 60 million e-invoices annually through the 60+ e-invoice formats it currently supports, including XML, EDI, and Virtual Printer formats. The network is growing and transaction growth is currently running at 60% year-over-year, and now that they have partnered with MasterCard to provide their customers access to MasterCard’s suite of payment products, it is likely that network growth will accelerate even more now that customers have even more payment options.

One of the most unique features of the platform is the fact that it spans the full AP and P2P cycles, whereas many of the smaller P2P and e-Procurement platforms are Procurement centric, with little support for AP. However, Basware started as a provider of finance solutions and migrated to the e-Procurement space with the birth of e-Commerce, and, as a result, has a firm command of the order-to-cash cycle from both organizational viewpoints.

From the procurement side, the platform contains modules for analytics, basic sourcing (RFX), contract management, catalog management, e-Procurement, and e-Invoicing. From the AP side, the platform contains modules for e-Invoice Processing, e-Invoice Matching, e-Payment, and Analytics. All modules are integrated with a consistent look-and-feel, and all modules are available on top of Basware’s new cloud-based Alusta platform which supports (multi-)enterprise private cloud instances. In addition, the collaboration capabilities and social integrations span the entire platform and all data in the platform is available to the analytics module.

Another unique feature is that Basware has decided that they are a procurement platform, and not a sourcing platform, and that their sourcing capability will remain basic. Basware recognizes that Procurement experts are not Sourcing experts and vice-versa, and have decided that they are going to partner to delivery an industry leading sourcing solution for those customers that need end-to-end Source-to-Pay functionality. As a result, they recently announced a major partnership with BravoSolution to deliver a comprehensive source-to-pay solution that covers all key steps of the sourcing, procurement, and finance process.

In future posts, SI will dive into key capabilities of the Basware Commerce Network; the e-Invoice processing, matching, and payment capabilities; and the analytics platform.