Daily Archives: December 13, 2013

Still Not Convinced You Need Your Invoices Under Control?

Then, for starters, maybe you need to dwell on the following:

  • You’re probably overpaying your suppliers by 1%
    because that’s what an audit recovery firm expects you are, and why they make a killing auditing the 20% of suppliers that constitute 80% of your purchase volume, because it’s not that hard for these specialist firms to identify overpayments of 0.5% that typically generate 500K or more in a gain share agreement for a few man months of work (or less)
  • There’s a 2 in 3 chance you are being defrauded of 2% of your revenue
    and that you’ll never notice because you aren’t able to verify all invoices
  • Up to 75% of your AP-related overhead is completely wasted
    on manual data entry, supplier inquiries, and other tactical work that adds no value to Finance or Procurement
  • At least 1 in 10 invoices have an error
    which could be as simple as missing payment information or as involved as incorrect pricing on every line item for a 200 line Bill of Materials because the supplier forgot to apply the discount
  • One Million invoices requires at least 100 standard 4-drawer filing cabinets
    if you get 1 M invoices a year, after 10 years, that’s 1,000 filing cabinets — where are you going to store them all??? (With today’s Storage Area Network densities, that’s 1 SAN. Which can be replicated in 3 places at almost zero cost compared to the seven figure cost of replicating and storing 10 Million invoices at three different locations.)

SI could go on, but the reality is that, especially if your organization is growing, it really, really needs to get its invoices under control. To find out how it can do this, download SI’s new white paper on An End-to-End Invoice Automation Framework Benefits & Best Practices, sponsored by Nipendo. (Registration required.) Once you understand the requirements for a true end-to-end invoice automation solution, you will be well on your way.