Another Public Service Announcement, Brought to You by LOLCat

Last month, LOLCat brought us a very important public service announcement, namely that your Chrysler will drive you off the road and you should ride a bike. the doctor knew this would happen if we kept putting code into cars. He ranted about it many times, most recently in his post last year where he said you can have your Google chauffer because he’d choose good ol’ Alfred every day of the week instead.

This month, LOLCat brings us an even scarier revelation. If you’re not careful, your smart rifle will blow your friend’s head off, no misfires, alcohol, or good ol’ user stupidity required. According to a recent Science Alert, super-smart rifles are the latest devices to get remotely hacked. And while the gun can’t be turned on its shooter or fire without a trigger press, it can be retargeted to whomever the hacker wants, so instead of shooting that deer, you could end up shooting Ol’ Charlie instead.

Considering that the only people who generally need guns are mountain men — who live off the land, eat what they kill, and occasionally need to protect themselves from brown bears and rabid animals, law enforcement personnel — who need to defend themselves against criminals during arrests and raids, and soldiers, and that in the first two cases you’re not going to be far enough away to need any help aiming and in the latter you have trained sharpshooters, why do we need to put code and wireless internet into guns? We’re going from the ridiculous to the absurd! What do you think LOLCat?

Grandpa’s sniper rifle works just fine for bird hunting’.

Here at SI we do not condone guns or violence. I hope you at least eat what you kill, LOLCat!

Of course! There’s nothing tastier than a Tweety bird sandwich!