Daily Archives: September 23, 2015

Two Weeks to the Trade Extensions Workshop. Two Weeks to Freebies.

And two weeks to the next Sourcing Innovation white paper on Complex Sourcing. Are You Ready? The first of many great freebies coming your way at the TE Workshop (and the first of two freebies coming your way from SI. What’s the second? Stay tuned. All I can tell you now is that it is Awesome! TE has spared no expense this year in making sure that you as a practitioner get what you need to tackle complex sourcing.)

That’s right, those of you who took up Trade Extensions’ exclusive offer to practitioner readers of Sourcing Innovation and Spend Matters UK and are attending the workshop will be the first to get SI’s new white paper on Complex Sourcing.

Following last year’s big white paper on Optimization, What Comes Next?, still freely available compliments of Trade Extensions, which introduced you to six new ways that optimization will continue to identify new opportunities for Sourcing that you likely haven’t even thought of, this year’s white paper dives into what complex sourcing is, what platform capabilities are required to support complex sourcing, and why complexity is no longer the exception but the norm.

This paper, which builds on Mr. Smith’s soon to be classic paper on What Defines Complex Sourcing, dives deep into how categories are complex, how the complexity requires new processes and new solutions, and why first generation solutions are not ready for what comes next.

And not only will you as an attendee be the first to get the doctor‘s new white paper, but you will also get to hear Mr. Smith talk about the future of Procurement, which we all know is Doomed! Entombed! Marooned!. (And then, if you are so inclined, discuss the subject with the doctor in person.)

See you in two weeks!