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the doctor’s Guest Contributions: The Half Year in Review

Since the last summary of my guest post contributions (in June), I’ve blogged a number of guest posts over on eSourcing Forum as well as authored or co-authored a number of the initial versions of the wiki-papers over on the eSourcing Wiki. I’ve also contributed articles to the EyeForProcurement monthly newsletter as well as Efficient Purchasing. ¬†For those looking for some more insights on various topics, here they are.

e-Sourcing Forum

Supplier Enablement
Confucious eSourcing Project Management Tips
Brunswick Corporation’s e-Auction Best Practices
Collaborative Negotiation
Seven Tips for SaaS Selection
Incentives Motivate
Optimal E-Tool Selection
Five Ways to Take Your Sourcing to the Next Level
A Global Trade Primer
Applications of Spend Analysis
The Benefits of Purchasing Consortiums
Optimization is the Future And The Future is Now
Some Low Cost Country Sourcing Insights
Twelve Steps to Purchasing Program Predominance
Ten Tips for Talent Retention
A Case for E-Sourcing and E-Procurement Integration
Nine Steps to e-Procurement Success
Key Challenges of Tomorrow, Part II
Key Challenges of Tomorrow, Part III
Ten Common Negotiating Mistakes

e-Sourcing Wiki

The Basics

Strategic e-Sourcing Best Practices : A Total Value Management Perspective
On-Demand / SaaS Application Platforms : Introduction to a Rapid Software Deployment Model
The Quest for Purchasing Fire : Develop the Internal Strategies for Selling the Procurement Tools Internally
Strategic Sourcing Success Factors : Best Practice Principles of Corporate Procurement

The Technologies

Spend Analysis and Opportunity Assessment : There’s Gold in Them There Hills … Of Data
e-RFx & Supplier Management : The Strategic Sourcing Workhorse
e-Auctions in Sourcing : The Strategic Sourcing Equilizer
Sourcing Decision Optimization : The Inefficiency Eliminator
Contract Management and Compliance : A Total Value Management Introduction

The Methodologies

Center Led Purchasing : The Procurement Organization of Tomorrow
Cost Reduction and Avoidance : Best Practice Principles of Corporate Procurement
Demand Driven Supply : A pull-based customer-centric approach to supply chain planning and execution
Next Generation Sourcing : 21 Strategies to Innovate Sourcing
Procurement Outsourcing : A Brief Introduction
Purchasing Consortia : The Emerging Collective
Six Sigma : Improve Supply Chains through Methodology
Supplier Performance Management : Measure, Analyze and Manage Suppliers in a Supply Organization
Talent Management : Build and Retain World Class Sourcing Talent

A Global Sourcing Primer

Corporate Social Responsibility : A Sustainable Solution
Low Cost County Sourcing : A Blogger’s Perspective
An Introduction Global Trade : The Basics of Global Trade
An e-Procurement Primer : 9 Steps to Procurement Success
A Supply Chain Finance Primer : Financing Your Way to Success
A Customs and Security Primer : Keeping the Global Supply Chain Secure
A Free Trade Primer : Global Tax Relief
A Regulatory Compliance Primer : Keeping it Legal
Supply Risk Management : Mitigate Risks and Reap Rewards


Why aren’t you optimizing?, Efficient Purchasing Issue 5, Fall 2007

Why Aren’t You Optimizing Your Sourcing Decisions? EyeForProcurement August 2007 Newsletter