Source-to-Pay+ Is Extensive (P33) … So Here Are Over 75 Invoice-to-Pay/Accounts Payable Companies to Check Out

As promised, here is a partial, starting, list of over seventy-five (75) Invoice-to-Pay/Accounts Payable companies that have many of the baseline features we outlined in our last installment (Part 32) of this series. Please note that this list is in no way complete (as no analyst is aware of every company), is only valid as of the date of posting (as companies sometimes go out of business and acquisitions happen all of the time in our space), and does NOT include companies that may have baseline invoicing but are primarily e-Procurement companies and don’t have more than the absolute invoicing basics (and virtually none of the additional features of a modern e-Invoicing solution as outlined in our last installment). While many might consider those e-Invoicing/Invoice-to-Pay/Accounts Payable vendors, they are not under our definitions.

As with our lists of e-Procurement Companies (in Part 7), Spend Analysis Companies (in Part 12), Sacred Cow Companies that do, or support, customized “spend” analysis on Marketing, Legal, and SaaS (in Part 13), Supplier Management Companies (in Part 20), Contract Management Companies (in Part 25), and e-Sourcing Companies (in Part 30), we provide the company name, URL and LinkedIn URL if available, headquarters country, and other offerings we are aware of.

Do your research, and reach out to an expert for help if you need it in compiling a starting list of relevant, comparable, vendors for your organization and your needs. For many of these vendors, good starting points are the Sourcing Innovation archives, Spend Matters Pro and Gartner Cool Vendor write-ups if any of these sources has a write-up on the vendor.

Finally, note that when we say Source-to-Pay, it means that vendor offers modules that also cover Sourcing, Supplier/Vendor Management, Contract Management, Spend Analytics, and e-Procurement. As to whether or not SI would consider these modules meeting the majority of baseline functional requirements, you will have to check the previously published starting vendor lists in those areas.

Shout-Out to the The Revolutionary for identifying some I2PAP companies the doctor would otherwise have missed.

Company LinkedIn
HQ (State) Country Other Offerings / Notes
Abbyy 910 California, USA OCR, Document Automation, Process Automation
Accrualify 40 California, USA e-Procurement, Punch-Outs
Airbase 326 California, USA Expense Management/Corporate Cards
APExpress (Nivo1) 10 Pennsylvania, USA
AppZen 285 California, USA
AvidXChange 1598 North Carolina, USA
Basware 1450 Finland e-Procurement
Bedrock 78 Florida, USA Supplier Management
Birchstreet 336 Nevada, USA e-Procurement, Analytics, Hospitality
Candex 104 California, USA Tax Management
Claritum 8 United Kingdom e-Procurement, Sourcing, Analytics, SXM
Compleat Software 55 United Kingdom e-Procurement
Corcentric 588 New Jersey, USA Source-to-Pay
Corpay 1005 Georgia, USA Commercial Cards
Coupa 3,674 California, USA Source-to-Pay
CureMint 24 North Carolina, USA e-Procurement, Dentistry
Dataserv 126 Missouri, USA
DooAP 19 Texas, USA
eBidToPay ?? Bavaria Source to Pay
edicom 733 Spain VAT, PEPPOL
Emburse (ExpenseWatch) 932 California, USA Expense Management/Corporate Cards
EqualLevel 18 Maryland, USA e-Procurement, Public Sector, Funds Management
Esker 578 Wisconsin, USA Souring, Supplier Management, Contract Management, e-Procurement
Exflow (MSDynamicsWorld) 138 Sweden
Eyvo 24 California, USA e-Procurement, Contract Management
EZ Cloud 25 District of Columbia, USA
Finly 29 Delaware, USA e-Procurement
FleetCor 6,600 Georgia, USA Commercial Cards / Payments
Fraxion 58 Washington, USA e-Procurement
FullStep 128 Spain Source-to-Pay
GEP 4650 New Jersey, USA Source-to-Pay
Glean 227 California, USA
Inconto 8 Netherlands e-Procurement, Contract Management
Intenda 111 South Africa e-Procurement, e-Sourcing, Supplier Management, Contract Management
iPayables 52 California, USA
iPS 1047 New Jersey, USA
ISPnext 59 Netherlands Source-to-Pay
iValua 849 California, USA Source-to-Pay
Jaggaer 1,266 North Carolina, USA Source-to-Pay
Khareed 5 Pakistan e-Procurement, Supplier Management
Kissflow 466 Delaware, United States e-Procurement, Low-Code Platform
Kofax ?? California, USA Document Management
LexMark ?? Kentucky, USA Print Management
Marketboomer 11 Australia e-Procurement
MarketPlanet 72 Poland e-Procurement, Sourcing, Contract Management
Medius 562 Sweden Source-to-Pay
MineralTree 139 Massachusetts, USA Payments/Virtual Cards
Nipendo (AMEX) 55 Massachusetts, USA
Nium 1,014 California, USA Payments/Corporate Cards
Onventis 129 Germany Source-to-Pay
OpusCapita 471 Finland e-Procurement, Business Network
Oracle ?? Texas, USA e-Procurement, ERP 146 e-Procurement, Source-to-Contract
PairSoft 124 Florida, USA e-Procurement
Proactis 557 United Kingdom Source-to-Pay
SAP 2,963 California, USA Source-to-Pay
SeriviceNow 22,304 California, USA Low Code Workflow Automation
SoftCo 131 Ireland e-Procurement
SourceDay 116 Texas, USA e-Sourcing, e-Procurement
SpendConsole 6 Australia Supplier Management
Stampli 230 California, USA
SupplyOn 227 Germany e-Procurement
SutiSoft 169 California, USA e-Procurement
Symbeo 83 Oregon, USA
Synertrade 180 Germany Source-to-Pay
Taulia 487 California, USA Working Capital Management
Tipalti 1009 California, USA Supplier Management, Payments, Tax/VAT, Fraud Detection
TradeShift 593 California, USA e-Procurement, Marketplaces
Tradogram 15 Ontario, Canada e-Procurement
Unimarket 77 New Zealand e-Procurement, Contract Management
Vortal 188 Portugal e-Procurement, eSourcing, SRM, Contract Management
Vroozi 66 California, USA e-Procurement
Xeeva (Simfoni) 127 Michigan, USA Source-to-Pay (through Simfoni)
xSuite 16 Massachusetts, USA e-Procurement
Yooz 358 France e-Procurement
Zip 347 California, USA Intake, Vendor Management, Payments
Zycus 1464 New Jersey, USA Source-to-Pay

We ain’t done yet. Come back for Part 34 where we begin to tackle the next set of emerging applications to manage the Source-to-Pay process!