the doctor Wants To Assure You That This Blog Is Not Evil

The unnaturally observant will notice that this is the 666th post. Knowing that the majority of readers of this blog are from North America or the UK, that the predominant religion in these parts of the world is Christian, and that many Christians associate 666 with the number of the beast, I feel that it is important to point out, for their piece of mind, that this blog is not evil. Furthermore, this post does not have any special significance.

I should also note that I do make it a point to expose the truth wherever I can find it – be it the elephants in the room that your vendor would rather keep hidden behind the blind; the myths that salespeople use to spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt; or the reality with respect to what a technology-based product can, or can not, do. While it’s true that I will praise certain vendors on their innovative technology or service offerings, it’s also true that I will harshly criticize others for promising more than what they are really delivering. Moreover, if all they’re doing is serving up last year’s outdated technology in a new shiny wrapper, I can be quite harsh in my scathing expose. And if they’re all haughty about it, or their messaging is way over the top, then it’s the case that I’m likely to open the water tower door and let out the Sourcing Maniacs.

Okay, maybe this blog is just a little bit evil.