Sourcing Innovation: Where Thought Leaders Converge

The following is a complete* list of authors who have submitted a guest post on Sourcing Innovation or who have contributed to one or more of the Sourcing Innovation Series on their blog. There are a large number of truly great posts in this collection — which will increase in size with the next cross-blog series that starts next week on The Seven Grand Challenges for Supply & Spend Management.

A Buyer and Not a Cutter
Canadian Medical Purchasing is Only Just Average

Anonymous Author
GPOs and the Health Care Industry of Tomorrow

Alan Buxton, e-Sourcing Place and Trading Partners
The Future of e-Sourcing – Less is More
Two Sides to the CSR/Sustainability Argument
Auctions and Sustainability
What I Learned From Conference Season

Andy Monin, Vendor Compliance and VendorMate
Why do Hospitals Struggle to Run like a Business?
Leading the Sustainability Charge

Ashton Udall, Product Global and Global Sourcing Specialists
Best Cost Country Sourcing and the Concept of “Riskturn”

Bernard Gunther, Lexington Analytics
How much do you know about your spending?
Do You Have A Plan

Bob Derocher, Per Blomquist, Katie Boord, Archstone Consulting
Expanding Procurement’s Role in a Financial Services Company

Brian Daniels, Spend Radar
Supply risk – Seize the Initiative!

Brian Sommer, Services Safari and Azul Partners
Sourcing: A Sustainability Case Study
Sourcing: Sustainability or Durability?
Traveling During Conference Season
Ready to Drink the Kool-Aid?

Charles Dominick, Purchasing Certification Blog and Next Level Purchasing
Sourcing Innovation for Single-Customer Contracts
Sourcing Innovation for Enterprise-Wide Contracts
The Future of Sourcing: Results-Based Process Specialization
Measurement, Benchmarking, and Skills
Procurement Transformation

Chris Jacob Abraham, @ Supply Chain Management and ILOG
Forward: SCM 2.0
Supply Chain Talent
Closed Loop Supply Chain Management and Supply Chain Collaboration
A Brief Background on Sustainability Issues
Sustainability – Solutions in Search of Problems

Christopher Sciacca, Who Said Supply Chains are Boring? and IBM
Putting reduced packaging into a bigger supply chain perspective

Dave Kuketz, Global Content Works

Dave M, Buyer Analytics
Defining Sustainable Procurement
The Cornerstone of Sustainable Procurement – Ethical Sourcing
A Model of Sustainable Sourcing Transparency

Dave Stephens, Business and Technology Nexus and Coupa
The Future of Sourcing
The Top Three: Cost, Complexity, and Compartmentalization
The Battle Over Efficiency vs. Quality vs. Cost in Hospitals and Clinics

David Bush, e-Sourcing Forum and Iasta
The Future of Sourcing?
Sourcing Innovation Series
The Top Three: Adoption, Adoption, Adoption
Carbon-Neutral Blogging

Dick Locke, Global Procurement Group and author of Global Supply Management
Musings on Talent Management
Are Your International Procurement Skills Up to Snuff?

Don Dougherty, Denali Consulting and SupplyStaff
The “Talent” Game

Doug Hudgeon, Vendor Management
Rogers and Hammerstein: The Future of Sourcing
The Top Three: Dale Earnhardt

Doug Smock, Design News and co-author of Straight to the Bottom Line
The Top Three: Straight to the Bottom Line

Eric Hiller, Cost Cents and Apriori
Design for … What?
Sustainability, Granola Definition

Eric Strovink, BIQ
The Future of Sourcing
Spend Analysis: What Got Wrong
Aberdeen on Spend Analysis: Lost in the Trees
The Future of Spend Analysis
Integrating Contract Management and Spend Analysis
Screwing up the Screw-Ups in BI
Sustainable Savings
A Quick Start to e-Sourcing
Spend Analysis Meme Busting, Part I
Spend Analysis Meme Busting, Part II
Spend Analysis I: The Value Curve
Spend Analysis II: The Psychology of Analysis
Spend Analysis III: Common Sense Cleansing
Spend Analysis IV: Defining “Analysis”
Spend Analysis V: New Horizons (Part 1)
Spend Analysis VI: New Horizons (Part 2)

Harvey Chan, Ethical Sourcing Blog and Mountain Equipment Co-op
Pollution, Social Ills & The Developing World

Haydn Jones, European Leaders Blog and A.T. Kearney
Sustainability, Sustainability, Sustainability

Jason Busch, Spend Matters and Azul Partners
Sourcing Innovation: Securitizing Direct Materials
Sourcing Innovation: Next Generation On-Demand
Evaluating Spend Visibility and Analytics Providers
Sourcing Innovation Series: Wither Procurement as Strategist in 2008?
How Will Green / Sustainable Procurement Play in a Recession
Sustainability Wins Because of the Market – Not Regulation
Three Lessons From Conference Season

Jason Rushin, Nextance
Promoting Sustainability Throughout Your Ecosystem

Jean-Philippe Massin, Strategic Sourcing | Europe and Capgemini
Future Purchasing: The Extended-Enterprise Connector
The Top Three: Live Spend Analysis, Best-in-Class Suppliers, and Change and Culture Management

Jim Lawton, D&B
Winning the Battle on Risk: Information and Technology

John Martin, Building SaaS  
The Future of Sourcing … for Services
Services Sustainability

John Miller, Gemba Panta Rei and Gemba Research
The Top Three: Slow is the New Fast, The 90-mile Rule, DIYS
What We Can Learn Form Boeing’s Lean Supply Chain

Jon Hansen, Procurement Insights
Procurement’s Expanding Role and the Executive of the Future
Yes Virginia! There is more to e-procurement than software! (Part 1)
Yes Virginia! There is more to e-procurement than software! (Part 2)
The FOSS(ilization) of the supply chain: The risks of a strategy centered on Free Open Source Software

Kevin Brooks, True Demand
The Future of Sourcing Commentary
The Top Three: Learning to Communicate

Lisa Reisman, Metal Miner and Aptium Global
Quantifying Quality in Lean Sourcing Initiatives
The Top Three: Global Sourcing Savings Maximization, Volatile Commodities Management, and Savings Implementation

Mark Usher, 1 Procurement Place and Treya Partners
A State Gets Smart

Matt Gersper, Global Data Mining
GDM & AQPC Launch Ground Breaking Study of Global Trade Metrics
10+2 Readiness … Beware! It’s strategic, not tactical …

Norman Katz, Katzscan
Some Examples of Supply Chain Fraud

Paul Martyn, Track Management Group
Some Thoughts on Sustainability

Randy Littleson, Kinaxis
The Top Three: Strategy, Strategy, and People
Sustainability and the Impact on Supply Chain Responsiveness

Rick Ankrum, SCM Pulse
CDP Initiative Aims to Establish Carbon Reporting Across the Supply Chain

Rob Parish
Rob Parrish: Sourcing Innovation Blog Swarm

Robert A. Rudzki, Transformation Leadership, Greybeard Advisors, and co-author of Straight to the Bottom Line
Don’t Wait for the Burning Platform

Ron Southard, Safe Sourcing
Twenty Reasons Why All Retailers Should Use e-Procurement Tools Now

Tim Albinson, 2sustain and Aravo
Report from DC: Good News, Bad News

Tim Minahan, Supply Excellence and Ariba
Sourcing Innovation: Predictions for the Future of Strategic Sourcing
Predictions for the Future of Strategic Sourcing: Part II
What’s Next According to Busch: Supply Skills Networks
What’s Next In Purchasing: Ask Your Supply Management System
Open Season (Part One): It’s Time to Negotiate Best Value Events
Open Season (Part Two): Best Practices for Event Management Spend

Vinnie Mirchandani, Deal Architect and New Florence. New Renaissance
Healthcare – Three Way Matching
Green – or Guilt – Selling?
What I Learned From Conference Season

* Hopefully I didn’t miss anyone. If I did, please accept my sincere apologies, send me an e-mail, and I’ll rectify the problem. Please note that I did not include any posts that were contributed to the Sourcing 2007 series as all of the contributors were bloggers who would have likely wrote those posts even in the absence of that particular cross-blog series, because bloggers love to pontificate on the year ahead every time a new year rolls around.