The Sourcing Maniacs 2008 Vendor Tour Part 20: Ketera

This post is a wee bit lengthy, so I’ve broken it into kidding and Ketera.


  the maniacs are enjoying themselves somewhere in Alberta
Wakko Hee Haw!
Dot That was a classic, wasn’t it. Did you know it had Canadian roots?
Wakko Yippie Ki Yo Yippie Yay!
Dot We’re in Alberta, not Texas, Wakko!
  ring, ring
Yakko Yakkos Yiddish Yamakas … cheery caps for cheery chaps!
Australian Accent G’day, Mates! You wanted a demo of Ketera?
  if you’ll recall, back in part 12 (Kinaxis) the maniacs asked Ketera for a demo … they were too busy at the time, but promised to get back to the maniacs
Yakko Yes, we did.
Australian Accent Ace! Could you do it now?
Australian Accent Is that a Brumby I hear? Is this a good time for you blokes?
Yakko It’s just fine. I’ll fire up the satellite and we’re good to go!
Australian Accent Bonzer!
Are you out in the bush, mate?
Yakko No, we’re just enjoying the ranch.
Australian Accent Texas?
Yakko Alberta.
Australian Accent You’re in the Back of Bourke, aren’t you?
Yakko I guess you could say that.
Australian Accent You’re sure it’s a Mickey Mouse time for you?
Yakko No problem. I’m ready.
Dot I’m ready.
Yakko We just need to wrangle Wakko. One sec.
Get your strides over here now!
Wakko Why?
Yakko It’s time for the Ketera demo!
Wakko Now? Here?
Yakko We got sattelite internet, remember?
Wakko glumly
o. k.
Dot You can get back to having fun as soon as we’re done!
Wakko cheering up
  Wakko moseys on over.
Yakko We’re ready to give it a fair go!


Australian Accent switching to his best American for the demo
Today I’m going to run through our new e-Sourcing application. It’s pretty straight-forward, so it won’t take much time.
  unlike the maniacs’ walkabout …
Yakko No problem! Take it away.
Australian Accent I should start off by noting that what we noticed was that a lot of people were spending a lot of money on enterprise sourcing applications without using the full extent of their capabilities … most of our catalog, procurement, and supply network customers were just using e-RFX and e-Auction and most of those customers were just using single round RFXs and traditional reverse auctions … not the dozen or so variants that have sprung up over the last ten years.

We saw the need for a low-cost 80% solution that would give the market what we felt it needed most … a basic sourcing solution for small and mid-size companies without large budgets or sophisticated software needs. And that’s what we built.

Our e-Sourcing solution is just RFX and Reverse Auction … and unlike many enterprise applications that take hours, if not days, to set an event up … our solution allows an event to be configured in minutes using a very simple 3-step process.

Step 1: Create a new event.
Step 2: Specify the items and item details.
Step 3: Invite suppliers.
  Then you just sit back, and watch prices tumble.

Yakko If it’s that easy, is it really an 80% solution?
Australian Accent Think about it. How much does an e-RFX and e-Auction solution really have to do?
Yakko Well, one thing we learned from talking to Source One about WhyAbe is that, for many categories, and many small to mid-size companies, it doesn’t have to do that much.
Australian Accent Precisely. And their offering is actually a good starting point to understand our offering.
Yakko So how does your offering compare to theirs?
Australian Accent Quite good. We both have the bare minimum requirements for e-RFX and e-Auction, but whereas, in our view, they’re more of a 60% to 70% solution, we add a few features that, although they sound like bells and whistles, are actually necessary for an 80% solution in today’s global e-Sourcing marketplace.
Yakko Like what?
Australian Accent Localization. Contract tracking. Fine-grained scoring on RFX questionnaires. Microsoft Excel integration. Templates. Instant-Messaging and Alerts. Customizable dashboards. Supplier Master Management. Wizards for each step of the process. The little things that make it easy, useful, and a pleasure to use — all embedded in a streamlined application with a carefully designed UI that buyers want to use.

And, unlike many other e-Sourcing platforms, it’s a low-cost, self-service, pay-as-you-go platform.

Yakko How low?
Australian Accent $39.99/month for unlimited RFIs, RFPs, RFQs, and reverse auctions. Plus, you get instant access to thousands of suppliers in the Ketera network.
Yakko Beaut!
Australian Accent Too right!
Yakko Anything else we should know?
Australian Accent It’s very easy to administrate, and the item and supplier master views support numerous filters for quick location of the appropriate item or supplier. It’s straightforward to enter proxy bids on behalf of a supplier. All of the reports have decent graphic capabilities. We support the UNSPSC schema for item categorization. And it has basic project tracking capability — you can quickly see your open events, events requiring bid evaluation, and recently evaluated events at any time.
Yakko So it really is a decent sourcing solution for small and mid-size companies just starting out on their e-Sourcing journey, or those companies without sophisticated sourcing needs.
Australian Accent We think so. And, as I said before, very easy to set-up a sourcing event.
Wakko I’m out of baloney. How long to set up an event to source a 3-months supply?
Australian Accent Five minutes. Watch.
  five minutes pass as the salesperson demos the tool
Wakko That’s it?
Australian Accent That’s it!
Wakko Fair suck of the sav!
Apparently, Wakko has his Aussie down pat! If I didn’t know better, I’d say he was from the Never Never!
Yakko Well, thanks for the demo. It certainly is an interesting take on the e-Sourcing space. A sourcing tool that every business can afford.
Australian Accent Thank you. Hooroo, Journo!
Wakko Hooroo, mate.