A Simple Guide to Improving (Procurement) Organizational Efficiency

Recently, the CPO Agenda published a simple guide on how to improve organizational efficiency that is worth a quick review, as an efficient organization is one that expends minimal time, resources, and cash on any specific activity. According to the article, it’s a simple 5-step process:

  • Review Processes
    Review all of your processes and their associated workflows for inefficiency, and eliminate it. You shouldn’t need multiple systems to accomplish one task (and if you currently do, chances are you can eliminate one or replace multiple systems with a new, lower-cost, SaaS offering).
  • Reassess Tasks
    Eliminate any task that doesn’t have value (unless it’s necessary from a regulatory, compliance, safety, or quality viewpoint). Reviewing all invoices manually? Implement a modern e-Procurement system that automatically compares invoices to POs and POs to contracts and only presents exceptions for manual review.
  • Remove Unnecessary Layers
    Three approvals for a $75 toner cartridge? Get real. Establish budgets and budgetary controls in the mandatory e-Procurement software and only require additional approvals if reasonable spending thresholds are met.
  • Collaborate Cross-Functionally
    Make sure process and system improvements make everyone’s job easier. If you can consolidate tasks across departments, you can get additional efficiency gains.
  • Drive Extra Savings
    Once your processes are streamlined, your unnecessary approval and management layers removed, and extraneous tasks abolished, you have more time to focus on strategic cost savings initiatives. Be sure to bring in experts to help you with this.