Where Are The Extreme Supporters?

A recent Vision Statement in the Harvard Business Review on why a business should Behold the Extreme Consumers, the 5% of customers so infatuated with the brand that they spend more than 10% of their lifetime income on it that many brand managers fear, had some impressive statistics:

  • 100% personally identify with and say they gain meaning from a favourite brand
  • 98% have defended the brand against perceived attacks in the media or from other firms or individuals
  • 96% describe their favourite brand as “part of the family”
  • 94% display their extreme behaviour in relation to just one brand
  • 94% agree strong that “more often than not, buying cheap is expensive”
  • 94% never even consider buying a brand that rivals their favorite

Which leads one to ask, where the extreme supply chain supporters? Imagine how much more respected (and successful) the supply management organization would be if it could find the 5% of company employees in other business units who:

  • personally identified with supply management and gained meaning from its involvement
  • defended supply management against unjust attacks, no matter where they came from
  • described supply management as “part of the team”
  • displayed extreme support for supply management and supply management alone
  • agreed that any buying decision was multi-faceted and should be left to the pros
  • never even considered making a major purchase without the involvement of supply management

What a wonderful world it would be.

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