Optimization is Supply Chain’s Simulation

A recent article over on Industry Week pointed out how Simulation is Empowering Product Engineers to Save Time, Money (and the Planet Too).

According to the article, simulation helped:

  • NatureWorks design a new biodegrade chip bag for SunChips,
  • Balzer Pacific Equipment Co. design and manufacture a new barge to carry 6,000 tons for a client that required less steel and saved $20,000 in steel costs, and
  • Unverferth Manufacturing Co to create a new strip-till subsoiler in only 3 months that was ten times stronger than its predecessor, required less parts and cost thousands less to make.

Optimization offers similar benefits to your supply chain. It:

  • allows you to redesign your supply chain network to be more efficient,
  • allows you to source the optimal amount of product at the optimal cost, which saves you a ton of money,
  • and allows you to complete sourcing projects in weeks that used to take months.

So stop waiting and just do it.

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