Product Safety Challenges in European Business

A recent article over on Industry Week on What [You Need] To Know About Product Safety Challenges in European Business pointed out something very important that U.S. business that want to expand into Europe need to know — U.S. product safety regulations are not enough if you want to sell your wares over in Europe. As per the article, if you want to sell in the 27 member states of the EU, you need to meet the “made in Brussels” European legal regulations (that set an identical standard throughout the entire EU). Before a product can be sold in the EU, it must have a CE mark that verifies that the manufacturer has ensured that the product conforms with the essential requirements of the EC directives. It must also have a declaration of conformity that includes the manufacturer details (name, address, etc.), requisite EC standards and performance data, relevant id number of any notified body, characteristics of compliance, and a legally binding signature. And if the more stringent requirements are not met, your product cannot be sold.