High Tech Needs Next Generation Supply Management

As chronicled in this recent commentary by Bob Ferrari over on Supply Chain Matters, not only do accelerating dynamics reshaping high tech supply chain networks bring implications, but there is continuing turbulence among and across high tech and consumer electronics value-chains. This means that now more than ever, firms in these segments need to continually re-visit their strategic sourcing and supply plans for long-term implications and, in SI’s view, they need to start by adopting next level supply management strategies when they revisit their plans.

And, as Bob suggests, it is imperative that senior management is continually educated to developments and that strategic strategy sessions and interchange be more than just a periodic occurrence. As clearly indicated in this morning’s post, Next Level Supply Management requires Collaboration, Stakeholder Partnership, Leadership, Early Involvement, and Alignment. Not only does Supply Management need to speak as one voice, but the entire company needs to speak as one voice in this sector. The storm is too violent to ride out if everyone is rowing in different directions.