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Why You Should Download The New Spend Visibility Implementation Guide Today!

Last Wednesday, Sourcing Innovation released it’s new white paper on Spend Visibility: An Implementation Guide. Clocking in at over 130 pages, this is the first white-paper to be released that not only defines what spend analysis and spend visibility really is, but that also offers a step-by-step, vendor-free, implementation guide that demonstrates how an organization can achieve substantial year-over-year savings.

One could argue that you should download it today because:

  • It’s chock-full of information that many spend analysis service providers don’t want you to know.
    The information within could result in many service providers losing a good chunk of their business if you found out that many of the “challenging” analyses they do for the organization (and charge thousands for) are, in fact, quick and easy for any analyst to do herself with the right package in a few hours.
  • It’s already been called the The Definitive Book on Next Level Performance
    by the author of the only independent (non-vendor) blog that’s been around longer than Sourcing Innovation in the space
  • It’s 100% FREE.
    No pay wall, no registration wall, and not even a cookie crumb is tracked!
  • It saw hundreds of downloads in its first week.
    Many sponsored white papers, even by leading analysts, top out at just a few hundred downloads over their lifetime behind a registration wall!

but the doctor is not going to make any of these arguments. Today, he’s going to make only one argument as to why you should download Spend Visibility: An Implementation Guide if you haven’t already. Simply put:

  • This White-Paper Could Lead To 100 Million Plus in Savings.

         Spend Analysis is one of only two sourcing technologies that has been repeatedly found to generate double-digit percentage savings year after year. (Typically 11%.) If a supply management department is sourcing 1 Billion dollars annually, this says it has a cost-reduction opportunity of approximately 110 Million before it. An opportunity that will only be realized with a proper spend analysis and visibility effort — which goes well beyond bringing in an automated spend analysis service that’s not going to go beyond your Top N categories, commodities, and suppliers.
         A typical supply management organization knows about 70% to 80% of its Top N categories, commodities, and suppliers already, focusses 80% of its effort on these categories, commodities, and suppliers and, as a result, typically only has, at best, 20% of its savings opportunity on these Top N categories, commodities, and suppliers. The biggest savings are often in the “Next N” categories which have not been strategically analyzed and sourced as the average organization often doesn’t know what they are or where the biggest opportunity lies. For example, a manufacturing centric organization might not realize just how much is spent on temporary labor in preparing for holiday seasons around the globe to get shipments out on time and ignore the spend which could be in the tens of millions. Unmanaged and unleveraged, this spend often contains a 30%, or more, savings opportunity the first time it is strategically sourced. If the organization was spending 50 Million on temp labor, that could be an instant 15 Million savings opportunity.
         Not only does this white paper cover the full ten step process required to do proper spend analysis and visibility, but also provides numerous examples of the types of analyses an organization needs to do to find all of the different opportunities available to it — and realize the year-over-year savings, which average at 11%, that are available to it. To the best of the authors’ knowledge, no other guide has ever done that.

So download Spend Visibility: An Implementation Guide today. The time and effort you put into learning the knowledge contained within will pay off one hundredfold, if not one thousandfold, as you apply the knowledge within.