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While You Were on Summer Vacation, Vendor Posts, Part III

While you were on summer vacation, SI was powering away with daily posts and continuing to cover some of the leading vendors in the space, presenting a number of deep dives on their technology platform. Here is a short recap of some of the coverage you might have missed!


Designed to make 3PL deliveries click, Airclic’s Transport Perform solution, which is tightly integrated with their new Route Planning and Route Optimization solutions, incorporates support for simultaneous high-volume cross-docking and multi-driver cross-border routes in a new web portal that makes their platform as easy to use as a multi-tab spreadsheet. One of the highlights of their solution is a clear, easy to use, non-distracting, straight-to-the-point interface for dock workers and truck drivers, especially when all these people have is a small, primarily text based, mobile device. The application, which can be pre-configured with relevant supplier data, including whether the supplier is ASN-based or non-ASN-based (Advance Shipping Notice), allows the application to be customized to each supplier so that a dock worker or driver only has to enter the absolute minimal amount of information (which, for an ASN-based supplier, can be as little as scanning a barcode) and when additional data has to be collected, is presented with a minimal list of options to choose from.


In our posts on how they are priming your financial supply chain for success (Part I and Part II), we introduced you to PrimeRevenue, a provider of Supply Chain Finance solutions that provides supply chain finance solutions to over 12,000 customers in 40 countries and that processes Billions of dollars of transactions each year. Like other providers of supply chain finance solutions, they provide a platform that helps suppliers access financing for their receivables when they need it from over 40 leading financial institutions. But that’s not the best part of their platform. The best part of the PrimeRevenue platform is a solution by the name of SciMap that provides a consolidated and classified analysis of your spend, enriched by insights from PrimeRevenue’s global database, based on detailed and updated market intelligence. This allows you to make better buying decisions as well as negotiate optimized payment terms, putting the power to improve your working capital in your hands.


In our four-part series on how they are proving their mettle with source to settle (Part I, Part II, Part III, and Part IV), we noted how iValua is one of the few providers tackling end-to-end sourcing and procurement in a single suite of integrated modules built on one common platform. With capabilities that, to some degree, address each of the core phases of the basic sourcing-and-procurement cycle except decision optimization and tax reclamation, the platform is one of the most extensive native source-to-settle platforms out there. Integration and implementation will take time, especially if your organization wants the full end-to-end capability, but could be worth it for a large organization that needs an extensive, integrated solution.