Supply Chain Insights 7 Steps to Failure

A recent Slideshare presentation by Supply Chain Insights (SCI) on 7 Reasons You May Fail in the Race for Supply Chain 2020 had some great insights into what many organizations are doing wrong but, more importantly, cemented the need for the 3Ts, as discussed in SI’s recent post on Supply Chain 2020 – What Will It Take to Get There, if you want you Supply Chain organization to make it to 2020.

According to SCI, these are the 7 reasons your supply chain may fail:

  • You treat your supply chain like a function
    rather than an end-to-end process.
  • You hired a boatload of consultants and spent buckets of money on “best practices”
    that were actually “emerging practices”.
  • Your technologies are more about you than your customers
    even though customer data is more readily available.
  • You are moving like a snail in a fast-paced world
    when you need to be executing in real-time.
  • You are simply not prepared to compete for supply chain talent
    which is the missing link in the supply chain.
  • Your technologies are quickly becoming legacy
    while new technologies are emerging every day.
  • Your supply chain is too reactive
    when it needs to sense and learn.

SCI is right on the money. If your supply chain:

  • lacks talent
  • runs on antiquated technology
  • hasn’t transitioned to new processes in decades
  • only reacts to disruptions, instead of trying to predict & mitigate them
  • doesn’t work with customers and never asks for their data
  • doesn’t focus on solutions instead of the “hot” methodology of the day and
  • doesn’t focus on strategic organizational planning because it’s spending all it’s time executing tactical processes

it’s not going to be around very long.

A supply chain needs to be:

  • driven by talent
  • enabled by technology
  • transitioning to improved processes all the time
  • focussed on risk management and mitigation
  • collaborating with customers and suppliers up and down the chain
  • solution-driven, not “emerging practice” focussed and
  • strategic, not tactical.

And that’s just the start. For more insights into what attributes your supply chain needs to adapt in order to survive the race for Supply Chain 2020, check out SCI’s 7 Reasons You May Fail in the Race for Supply Chain 2020 before your supply chain starts stumbling too (if it hasn’t already).