Daily Archives: April 22, 2015

Maverick Spend is Good. Wait, What?

For years and years and years the doctor, the maverick, and every other thought leader in Procurement have collectively been telling you that maverick spend is bad. It erodes negotiated savings, builds mistrust in the supply base, and underlies your Procurement processes. It encourages rogue behaviour and increases the organization’s exposure to risk and liability. Good Procurement is not accomplished by loner hot-shots, but an integrated, dedicated team that manages the supply chain end-to-end and makes sure the entire chain is strong, not just one link.

But, sometimes, if approached in the proper manner, Maverick spend can be good. Maverick spend can help you identify weak processes, better products and services, preferred suppliers, and even poor definitions of on-contract and off-contract spend. Even though it’s still bad if the buyer is buying off-contract, paying more than needed, risking good supplier relationships, and potentially exposing the organization to compliance and liability issues, maverick spend still presents an opportunity to improve Procurement processes, procured products, and even personnel.

How? Check out the new Spend Matters Pro Piece in the maverick‘s 50 Shades of Pay series that was co-authored by the doctor on Maverick Spend Analysis: How to Re-Plumb Your Spend and Savings Flow and find out how you can knock your spend analysis success up a notch, even if you don’t have a spice weasel.