What’s Your SRM Index Score?

Supplier Relationship Management is a key component of good strategic Procurement management. Good SRM can contribute to lower costs and higher organizational value through higher quality, great reliability, value-add, and innovation that an organization might not achieve otherwise. But how does an organization know how well it’s doing?

One way is to benchmark against its peers. While this will not necessarily tell an organization how good it is doing compared to how well it could be doing, it will tell an organization how well it is doing against its peers, which provide a baseline of how good it could be doing.

So, considering most organizations keep this data private, how do you figure it out? One way is the State of Flux SRM Index. Over the last seven years, State of Flux has collected and analyzed detailed SRM data on over 1200 global companies across the six different dimensions of business drivers, stakeholder engagement, governance & process, people & skills, information & technology, and relationship development & culture.

If your organization takes the SRM Survey (closes July 1, 2016), State of Flux can automatically assess your responses against its database and compute an index score for your organization and instantly let you know if your SRM is undeveloped, developed, established, or advanced. In addition, should your organization desire (and should multiple individuals in different departments complete the survey), State of Flux will also give you a free SWOT analysis on request.