Daily Archives: June 26, 2016

Siloed Supply Risk Management Just Wastes Time, Money, and Resources

In our last post on why Why Supply Risk Management Cannot Be Siloed we noted that, despite the fact that an organization’s supply chain is full of risks that could not only cripple the organization’s supply chain but cost it 100 Million or more in fines, the average organization’s supply chain is overflowing with risk (despite the fact that many of these risks could be mitigated).

Why? Because the average organization is not properly managing risk. Why? As per our last post, there are a number of issues including lack of resources, lack of time, and lack of immediacy, but the biggest issue is lack of cohesion. Even organizations that have risk management and sustainability efforts in place tend to be relatively ineffective overall because most of these efforts grew organically over time as individual functions encountered risks and needed to deal with them. This results in a very fragmented approach to risk management that is very inefficient and ineffective. Why? Each department sends its own surveys and questionnaires and reviews its own data sources and this results in:

  • a duplication of effort where
  • some suppliers will be assessed on the same dimensions twice while
  • other dimensions for the same suppliers go unassessed and
  • some suppliers do not get assessed at all while the process generates
  • false positives as well as
  • false negatives.

How can this happen? And just how much time and money is wasted? And what should be done? For the answer, check out Sourcing Innovation’s latest white-paper on Why Sustainable Supply Risk Management Cannot Be Siloed: Lessons From Leaders Who Beat the Odds, sponsored by Ecovadis. And you’ll learn not only what the correct approach is, and what it involves, but what it can do for you.