5 Reasons Why You Need to Take the Direct Procurement Challenge!

Hopefully you attended last week’s webinar on the Direct Procurement Challenge, hosted by the ISM and featuring the doctor and the prophet, where we explained how a sourcing platform cost-centric perfect for indirect doesn’t meet the needs of direct sourcing. But in case you missed it, here are some key requirements not met by typical indirect procurement platforms.

Requirement Indirect Platform Direct Platform
Bill of Materials NO BoM Support Deep multi-level Bill of Materials Support
Cost Breakdown Analysis Limited to ancilliary costs (shipping, taxes, storage, etc.) Deep cost breakdown support across the bill of materials which allows costs to be broken down and spread out across components, the production process, distribution and inventory management, and overhead
EDI, WebEDI, & XML XML data exchange only (maybe) XML, EDI, and WebEDI and direct integration into supplier systems
Quality Management RMA & account credit request (maybe) APQP, sample test reports, standard 8D & QDX complaints report;
goods issue documents
PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) No PLM Support Integrated project management and product lifecycle management
from cost breakdown analysis and BoM definition in the
sourcing phase to production and inventory management in the
supply chain phase to quality management and return management
in the support phase

And in Sourcing Innovation’s latest paper on The Direct Material Procurement Challenge: An Indirect Tool for Direct Procurement is Mission Improbable – Direct Procurement Requires Different Capabilities, the doctor discusses 10 (ten) additional reasons why an average indirect platform cannot solve direct Procurement needs. Check it out!