Daily Archives: February 14, 2018

When Managing Supply, Don’t Forget …

… sometimes supply comes from within the four (virtual) walls of your business. This is one fact that is overlooked by many S2P suites which are setup to acquire external goods and services (and, specifically, finished goods and services that typically fall into indirect categories.

When we are talking about MRO, the goods and services you need might be in a storage room in another building. If we are talking about consumables, like what you might need for a new hire, everything you need might be one floor down, left behind by another hire who, after the probation period, didn’t work out.

Inventory and Asset Management are key to successful Supply Management, and to successful Procurement. One should NOT buy what one does not need. This is the other form of demand management — which is two parts. The curbing of need for consumables (less paper for the printer, less usb drives when there are secure network share folders, etc.), and the re-use of what you have. Laptops or cell phones less than 6 months old should never go unused or reassigned. Expensive MRO replacement parts can often be couriered from site to site for $40 — why spend $5000 ordering another 4-pack to fix the production line and have your minimum “3” on hand when another facility still has 8 in storage.

When you are upgrading your e-Pro / P2P / S2P system, keep this in mind. Either find one that includes inventory management or integrates with an inventory management system, and you’ll save a lot.

But to truly win, make sure it supports end-to-end asset management. It’s not just expensive hardware that often collects dust in storage closets, is also expensive assets. Like expensive snowblowers that are bought, put in the basement, forgot about when the business gets a new, better, facilities contractor and the internal maintenance team doesn’t have to do it anymore instead of being sold or sent to another facility. Expensive 3-D software licenses that are not transferred to another engineer, and then bought again 6 months later when a new hire needs them. Patent or other IP library that could be licensed by sales to a partner for extra revenue. Etc. This last part is key. Not only are unused assets costing the company money (because thy were bought to fulfill a need, which is not being met by them, but costing the company money if they can be licensed, rented, or, in the case their value becomes limited, sold.

So when you are upgrading your e-Pro / P2P / S2P system, keep this in mind too. Make sure it’s inventory and asset management or integrates with an inventory and asset management, and you will not only save a lot, but help the organization generate value.