Daily Archives: April 13, 2018

Tomorrow is March for Science Day. That IS Important For Everyone.

Why? Besides the obvious that all modern technology is the result of science, you won’t get your next-generation cognitive sourcing platform without more advancement in, guess what, data science.

And, right now, in the US, every year, in addition to having to deal with the introduction, and passing, of more anti-science policies, you also have to deal with the fact that funding for science (education) is diminishing as well and it’s the cornerstone of all progress. What do you think inspires the continual advancement of advanced mathematics and statistics? Scientific need. And where do you think the roots of most of your analytical algorithms come from? Science.

So even though you spend your days slicing data and running reports in the back-office to meet the business goals of savings, reduced inventory turn-around time, reduced, risk, etc. — you’re still using the results of scientific research and progress. Don’t forget that. Or someday Kyle may not be able to flick the internet back on again when it starts to fail. (The sad reality is that because of a lack of science education and knowledge, some people actually believe this is how you fix the internet.)

For more information, see March for Science